League Rules and Regulations

These general rules and procedures that govern dart league play should be read and understood by all participating league members. Knowledge of the rules listed below will greatly enhance the enjoyment of dart league competition.

It is and shall be the goal of the Montana Coin Machine Operators Association (MCMOA) to ensure camaraderie, unity and sportsmanship amongst all participating players. These leagues are “For the dart players”, people who enjoy the company of fellow dart players. It shall also be a goal of this group to attract and recruit new member dart players into these remote leagues.

Local Rules and Regulations

  1. There shall be a $50 sponsorship fee for each team in each league, to be paid by the sponsoring location.
  2. There shall be a one-time yearly dues of $8.00 to be paid as part of the sponsoring location fee of the NDA fiscal year (September 1st to August 31st) OR prior to the beginning of the 1st season played during the fiscal year. Substitute players need to pay dues out of pocket if so desired. This excludes summer leagues.
  3. There shall be a weekly fee of $6.00 per team position for every league night played. (All “bye” dates will not require the player fee to be paid) This fee is to be entered into the board prior to each date of seasonal league before league play can start. This excludes summer leagues.
  4. Any time a player brings in a sub for match play, the regular league player is responsible for the sub’s weekly fees and dart machines weekly fees and dart machine money for that date if applicable. (Unless otherwise discussed by both parties)
  5. Starting time for league match play is at 7:00pm on Friday nights. (Unless an alternate time is agreed upon by both teams)
  6. Only 1 substitute player will be allowed for each team in any given night unless more than one is agreed to by the opposing team. The sub may be of the same sex.
  7. Notification of postponement should be made at least 4 hours prior to the starting time of the match. Late notification give the other team the right to claim the match as a forfeit. If the team that is not able to show does not contact the League Coordinator and/or the opposing team, this will result in an automatic forfeit to the absent team. A contact list will be provided with your league schedule.
  8. A postponed match must be made up within 7 days of the original date of play. If a date cannot be agreed upon this will result in an automatic forfeit to the absent team.
  9. Should a forfeit occur for any reason, all games for that match shall be awarded to the non-forfeiting team. A mutually forfeited match (not made up) shall be recorded as a “date not played”.
  10. Any team or player quitting league play before the season’s end shall forfeit all team prize money and dart achievement pins earned. Any replacement team or player will be awarded all prize money earned (only if that team has paid all of the weekly fees for the season), but the individual replacement player shall be awarded dart achievement paraphernalia earned.
  11. If a game is part of league play, and requires a Double Out score, the bulls eye is not to be used as a win for that game. The player must hit a mark on the outer ring segment in order to win the match.
  12. If a discrepancy occurs regarding game ply and both team captains cannot agree on the outcome, the league coordinator must be called for official ruling.
  13. All league member must be 21 or older and will not be discriminated against due to race, color, creed, religion or nationality.

Players; Have Fun! This League Is For You!

NDA Official Rules of Play

The AMOA National Dart Association (NDA) is the sanctioning body of electronic darting dedicated to the standardization, recognition, promotion and growth of competition worldwide.