Golden Tee Leagues and Tournaments

We welcome men and women of all abilities to join one of our seasonal Golden Tee leagues. No matter if you are a serious player or someone who is just out to have some fun, everyone is encouraged to participate. Be sure to follow us on Facebook to be notified of upcoming events.

League Rules and Regulations

All players need to have a valid Golden Tee Live Player card and ensure you have created an account to coincide with that card. Each team will play at their own designated location of choice. No traveling to other locations. A schedule will be given to each team with a designated course to play each week. You can play that course as many times as you would like to achieve the best score.

Each week will play a different course. The amount of weeks will be determined by the amount of teams. After the first week of play a handicap will be determined. Each week the handicap will vary by player’s outcome.

How the League Works

  1. Player scores will be a combined scores between the two teammates. (ie. Joe shoots -10, John shoots -5, their team score would be a -15 for that course)

  3. To Play League got to “Online” and “Stats Play”, if you go to “Casual” or “Contest” I will not be able to see your scores.

  5. Individual player feats that will be tracked are as follows: Longest Drive, Best Score w/handicap, Best Score, Longest Putt, most Eagles and most Holes in One

  7. This league will go for 10 weeks with one course having a double week during the holidays (Cypress Cove).

  9. The lowest average combined doubles score over the 10 week period will determine the winner of the league (without handicap)

  11. The lowest average combined doubles score over the 10 week period will determine the winner of the league (with handicap)

  13. Handicap is automatically determined by the good folks at Golden Tee, they will NOT disclose the information on how they calculate the handicap.

  15. If a player or team does not shoot any rounds during the week on the specified course that player will receive +10 point value (+20 per team) as a score for that week

  17. There are no league fees or bar sponsor fees this go around of league

  19. After the 10 weeks is over we will look at the league and possibly split the league into an upper and lower division and run one more time through. This depends on how the handicap is working.


Players; Have Fun! This League Is For You!

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